Information related to COVID-19 

Look at you, look at me: containment of the COVID-19 virus, the protection of employees, customers and partners, but also the full maintenance of our services have top priority. S&T Mold therefore decided very early and with foresight to take appropriate measures.

Below we have summarized important information for our customers and partners with regard to the measures to maintain delivery capability and the protection of employees at S&T, which we - of course also continuously update in accordance with all regulations and recommendations of the Moldovan Government.

Your contact person will of course be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also contact the following e-mail address: 


In the sense of "Business Continuity Management" in connection with COVID-19, S&T Mold has developed a multi-level emergency plan and parts of it were already implemented in KW 10. The measures included focus in particular on minimizing the risk of a possible spread of the virus and the risk of resource bottlenecks due to illnesses or quarantine measures within S&T

Preventive measures already implemented include:

Increased hygiene

Reduction of social contacts by canceling larger meetings, increased holding of Skype / Team conferences instead of face-to-face meetings

Instruction to use largely established home office offerings at S&T

Central control of the measures by a crisis team at board level

Appointment of coordinators at all locations who are involved in all relevant decisions and ensure a seamless information chain or flexible coordination of measures.

S&T Mold is also prepared to take additional measures immediately, as required or as required, such as the mandatory instruction to perform all "remote" tasks from the home office.

Avalability of Goods

Almost all products contain components that are produced or assembled in affected regions. The supply situation has been tense since the situation in China escalated at the beginning of the year. Many manufacturers have started production again, but not to the extent necessary. There is currently no sign of an improvement in the current delivery capability or delivery times, and information about the current availability situation and delivery dates is constantly changing. Many companies are currently buying additional mobile devices to enable employees to work in their home office, which will further exacerbate the availability situation.

In order to be able to cover your hardware requirements as well as possible, we ask you to determine an individually coordinated procedure with your contact person at S&T as soon as possible (e.g. binding forecast, extended stocking with acceptance guarantee, etc.), provided that this has not already happened.