Emergency Services

We implemented the 112 service in Moldova and continue to maintain the hardware and software, and work with our clients and partners on extending and improving these services.

Technology supplier for the 112 Service

Emergency Services

Ambulance Services

The ambulance service is the prime user of the 112 service and we work closely with the client to ensure the service continues to perform at the hightest levels of quality.

Emergency services


We implemented software platforms for firefighters and also supplied communication equipment and other specialized hardware for critical operations.

High availability

We operate critical services that demand tough SLAs which we have been able to maintain constantly. We continue to employ the best teams that are there 24/7 and the 112 service have been proven a great success.

Security at all levels

Security is a paramaount aspect in the daily operations of Police, Border Police, Ambulance or Firefighters. Or systems meet the high standards required and we continue to improve this area.

Our Partners

Motorola is the leading global supplier of TETRA equipment and is our partner in Moldova. We supply Motorola equipment to the Police, Border Police, Customs, 112 service, and others.

Through our partner HPE, we supply, configure and maintain top of the line servers, storage and networking equipment for our clients.

Oracle databases are present in the wide majority of government organizations and our specialists are always ready to offer professional assistance in operating the critical stores of data.