We work with the Ministry of Health and all major medical institutions in the country on automating and optimizing the healthcare processes in order to offer more efficient and affordable healthcare services to the regular citizen.

Leading digital transformation in Healthcare

S&T Moldova is a recognized and proven expert in healthcare technologies and is constantly employed by the the major institutions in the country to digitize and improve the critical healthcare processes.

Our services include consulting, automating processes, implementing new technologies and enhancing cross-sector collaboration in order to improve healthcare standards and consumer satisfaction.

We help turn the vision of a better, more efficient and more affordable healthcare system into reality by documenting, analyzing and offering solutions to streamlining healthcare operations and driving these into the XXI century through technology.

Cornerstone projects

Digital Transformation

Hospital Management Information System (SIAAMS)

S&T Moldova implemented the primary information system used by the Hospitals in Moldova (SIAAMS) and throught it we constantly improve and optimize the critical processes employed by the hospitals to deliver quality healthcare services.

Digital Transformation

Emergency Medical Services Information System

S&T Moldova implemented the critical information system used by Medical Emergency services to coordinate the core emergency procedures and operations for more speed, efficiency and quality in the critical moments.

Innovating Healthcare

We have specialized teams that have been operating in the Health sector for decades accumulating knowledge and invaluable experience. Here are some ways we apply it.

Process optimization

We work closely with our clients to understand their processes, identify problems, bottlenecks and drawbacks. Then we apply intelligence and tech to optimize and streamline them.

Industry-leading software

We implement industry-leading pieces of software at critical points in order to improve and modernize the back-office and front-office operations.

Enhancing collaboration

Employing the right tools and guidance for enhancing internal and external collaboration in the joint effort of providing great health services.

Medical data security

Security of medical data has always been a focal point in all our technological decisions. Now, in the cloud cloud, it has become ever more important and we are keeping up.

Consumer experience

Ultimately technology must simplify the lives of the regular citizens and provide accesibility and ease of use to all the critical healthcare services. This is what we strive for constantly.

Staying ahead of the curve

Innovation never stops. We never stop. Our clients never stop. Together we push boundaries of what is possible in healthcare with newest solutions.

The Big Picture

We have specialized teams that have been operating in the Health sector for decades accumulating knowledge and invaluable experience. Here are some ways we apply it.

Core digital transformation

Transform all aspects of healthcare operations through digital innovation at all levels - software systems, newest hardware, cloud solutions and push towards a new, fresh mindset of agility and openness.

Redefining the rules for data in healthcare

Using innovation and digitalisation we are redefining the rules of data collection, storage and processing within the healthcare sector to make it easily accessible and most importantly actionable for our clients.