Our Company has a long-standing expertise in pushing the technological boudaries of the utilities sector. We have automated numerous industrial processes in water, electricity, gas and heating.

Building the utilities of tomorrow

S&T Moldova has been a long-time partner with the major utilities suppliers in Moldova. We have helped them modernize and become more efficient in order to stand up to the challanges of the era.

Our services include consulting, automating processes, implementing new technologies through the best SCADA systems available. Together with our partners we have been advancing utilities to new levels of efficiency, security, sustainability.

We are dedicated to building a better, greener and safer future for our planet through technological progress and we have executed our vision with tenacity in the utilities sector. With the help of our clients and parteners we are driving the sector towards greener sources of energy and more sustainable processes.

Our work in this sector

Modern Utilities

Natural Gas

We have been working together with MoldovaGaz - the local gas company on Back-Office and Front-Office automation and also maintaining and improving their older systems.

Modern Utilities

Water Industry

We have been working with Apa-Canal - the local water utilities company on automating processes through SAP and Microsoft Dynamics technologies.

Modern Utilities

Thermal Power

We have a long-standing relationship with Termoelectrica and CETs on implementing SCADA systems for their critical processes.

Working towards a greener future

Saving the Planet

Clean technologies

Together we must advance technologies towards new milestones in minimizing the impact our utilities have on the envitonment. We stand by this goal and so do our clients.

Saving the Planet

Efficient solutions

Using newst hardware and software we help push for more efficient operations which contributes to lower environmental impact.

Our Partners

Motorola is the leading global supplier of TETRA equipment and is our partner in Moldova. We supply Motorola equipment to the Police, Border Police, Customs, 112 service, and others.

Through our partner HPE, we supply, configure and maintain top of the line servers, storage and networking equipment for our clients.

Oracle databases are present in the wide majority of government organizations and our specialists are always ready to offer professional assistance in operating the critical stores of data.